Recognizing the 3 Warning Signs of a “Weak Resilience” Strategy or Plan

Finding solutions within a raging change

Warning Sign 1: Ignoring or staying paralyzed in front of the complexity of the city’s system.

To do: Breaking down the complexity of the city system into the simplicity of the component that we understand.

Warning Sign 2: Ambiguity around direction, scope, aims, and objectives.

To do: Navigating the component of the city’s system toward clear goals, by answering six big resilience questions.

  • For whom are we building resilience?
  • For what are we building resilience?
  • For when are we building resilience?
  • For where are we building resilience?
  • Why are we building resilience?
  • How are we building resilience?

Warning Sign 3: Rigidity in planning and processes, attachment to predetermined aims, and goals.

To do: Not controlling, but navigating the system’s component through the cycle of change by using resilience enhancing principles.

  • Principle of optimal connectivity
  • Principle of high diversity
  • Principle of high redundancy
  • Principle of supporting constant learning processes
  • Principle of supporting experimentation
  • Principle of continuous participation
  • Principle of identifying changes and manage feedbacks



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